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Beer Revolution

Beer Revolution’s has an uncompromised commitment to beer quality, only serving beer from meticulously sterilized beer lines. Beer Revolution beer lines are short, always clean and the beer is always fresh. Anything less would be unacceptable.

A friendly atmosphere that tells a story of quality and commitment to service.

The Beer, the food, the music. Real time, dynamic, digital beer boards convey the current list and applicable information related to each beer in an environment replete with bumping tunes and savoury pizzas.

Leading Edge was responsible for the build out, construction, and creation of Beer Revolution’s new location. With an eye to Canadian brewpubs and a welcoming ambiance, Leading Edge developed a space suitable for a lasting, warm environment.

This Project consisted of full demolition of the front of house and exterior and bathroom upgrades. The designer’s vision was exemplary and we were lucky enough to bring the plans to life. From the exquisite detailing on the bar and eye-catching beer tap wall to small touches of antique photos and furniture, every aspect of both the interior and exterior captures the essence of what this establishment has to offer.

Beer Revolution Craft Beer
Construction, Furniture, Lighting
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